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After I moved to the States, I missed and craved the sumptuous flavors of home. As I turned to family and friends, not only did I unearth the tasty treasures of heirloom recipes and spice blends, but I learned more about the art of balance when it comes to using spices: “Masala ta bolcha tara masala le khana jitnu hudaina” – spices enhance flavor but they should not overpower the essential nature of the food. Using original recipes, I began experimenting with spice blends and creating something all my own. That is how Masala by Manisha was born—a passionate hobby turned into a way of life.


Each blend, inspired by family, friends, and tradition, is created intentionally by hand, allowing for more attention to detail. Where possible, I have sourced ingredients that are grown organically and regeneratively and from suppliers who stay close to the farmers, resulting in a product that truly lines up with my beliefs. I hope you can taste the integrity and devotion to this craft in every spoonful.


Much like how it began, Masala by Manisha embodies the spirit of creativity, comfort, and happiness. I hope that when you cook at home with my spice blends, you get the excitement of cooking for yourself or for your loved ones and bring a sense of pleasure and joy into your lives.

Happy cooking,


Hello! Namaste. Salaam.


I grew up in Nepal and North India (and am married to a Pakistani) in a family with an abundant love of "all-things food." Some of my earliest and most cherished memories are of my mother cooking delicious Newari, Nepali, and Mughlai-Indian dishes. It was said that the sign of a good chef is “in the hands,” and my mother’s hands were much appreciated within the wider circle of our family and friends. My mother’s exquisitely flavorful and fragrant dishes gave me a deep appreciation for quality ingredients and a love for flavor and spice.

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