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Ayurvedic Khichdi

Warm, comforting yellow moong dal and rice Khichdi or Kitchari is a classic in Ayurveda. I remember my grandma who followed a Sattvic diet making these for us when I was a smaller bean. This recipe, inspired by her cooking, is incredibly tasty and may become your favorite comfort food.

Yield: 4 Servings


1 tbsp. ghee/vegetable oil 1/2 cup moong lentils

1/2 cup Basmati rice 4 cups water

11/2 tsp. sea salt or to taste 1 tbsp. Ayurvedic Khichdi Masala


1. In a medium bowl, combine the lentils and rice. Rinse until water runs clear.

2. Soak the mixture in cold water for 15-20 minutes (optional). Drain and set aside.

2. Heat the ghee/oil in a medium saucepan or pot over medium heat. Once oil is heated, add the lentil and rice mixture.

3. Then add water, salt and the spice blend. Stir.

4. Increase the heat to a high and bring the mixture to a boil. Then cover and lower the heat immediately to a gentle simmer. Cook until the mixture has a porridge like soft and creamy texture (approx. 30 minutes); add a little more water, if needed. Stir occasionally.

5. Serve with a handful of cilantro for garnish.

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