Chai Masala

Chai Masala


The secret to a great chai spice? Bay leaf! I discovered this secret during a visit to my aunts in Kathmandu, Nepal as she inevitably handed me a cup of chai. As I sipped my chai, the zesty flavor of bay leaf and ginger mixing with the beautiful minty flavor of fresh cardamom and the robust flavor of the tea, the inspiration for this blend was born. This chai masala contains a combination of flavors I experienced that day. Enjoy the blend with your chai, latte or even in your favorite baked goods!


The pouch contains enough masala to make around 36 cups of chai.


Suggested Serving Size is 1/2 tsp per glass of tea.


Net Weight: 1.26oz | 36g


Ingredients: Green Cardamom*, Dry Ginger*, Black Peppercorn*, Cloves*, Cinnamon*, Nutmeg*, Bay Leaf | *Organic


Please note, there maybe fine fibers of cardamom pod husks in the masala as we use whole cardamom pods - which have the added benefit of thickening dishes (such as baked goods).