Vegetable Masala

Vegetable Masala


Yes, I simply had to have this blend! A typical Nepali meal is never without atleast two dishes of tarkari (vegetables) and so having a vegetable masala in the kitchen comes handy. A favorite in my home, this blend has an earthy, warm flavor with slightly pungent notes. The use of Nepali timmur makes it reminiscent of the Himalayan vegetable curries. Use it to make any vegetable masala curry, vegetable sauté, or when roasting vegetables: simply sprinkle the blend over your favorite veggies before baking.


This pouch contains enough masalas to make about 32 servings of vegetable curry masala.


Net Weight: 1.76oz | 50g


Ingredients: Coriander Seeds*, Cumin*, Fennel Seeds*, Dry Red Chili, Fenugreek Seeds*, Dry Mango*, Turmeric*, Asafoetida, Bay Leaf, Nepali Timmur Pepper | *Organic